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Public Half Day Swimming Pigs Tour


The Bahamas and the blue waters are famous. But there are also several other elements that this place is famous for. What if I told you a beach full of pigs? shocking. But yes, it is true. This island is famous for its Pig beach. This pig beach gets its name from the Exuma pigs. Along with some stray cats and goats, these pigs are the only inhabitants of the island. For anyone who loves to play with the waters, this place is perfect and it is joined by the pigs to play with.


The pigs range in size from baby piglets, which are a crowd favorite, to Big Momma, the largest and oldest pig on the island. Although they seem adorable and friendly, Bahamian swimming pigs can be quite aggressive when it comes to getting food on Pig Beach.

There are many beaches in the Bahamas where you can swim with the pigs. But the Playa del Cerdo is the most famous. The blue waters and the pigs playing together are a wonderful sight to soak in! This place is so full of wonders that you can never get enough of it. Pigs love human company. They love it when people who visit that place feed them.

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