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Public Half Day Swimming Pigs Tour


Bahamas and blue waters are famous. But there are also several other elements which this place is famous for. What if I tell you a beach full of pigs? Shocking. But yes, it is true. This island is famous for its Pig Beach. This Pig Beach gets its name from the Exuma pigs. Along with a few stray cats and goats, these pigs are the only inhabitants of the island. For anyone who loves to play with waters, this place is a perfect one and added to it are the pigs to play with. It offers ample opportunities to awaken the child in you. After a long and tiring week, a tour of such kind can freshen you up completely. Nowhere else in the world offers travelers an encounter with an entire cay of pigs. Bring some tasty treats, these swimming pigs love putting on a show for visitors bearing gifts. Our very exclusive public half day swimming pigs tour can help you make the stay of a friendship with these pigs. Also, you get to have the option of sightseeing along with playing with the pigs. Trust us, this is a package you will never want to miss.


The pigs range in size from baby piglets which are a crowd favorite, to Big Momma, the island’s largest and oldest pig. Although they appear to be lovable and friendly, the swimming pigs of Bahamas can be quite aggressive when it comes to getting their food on Pig Beach. One has to be aware and learn proper etiquette such as not showing empty hands when there is no food. But, with us, you do not have to worry at all. Our guide will walk you through all the details and make it a cake walk for you.

There are many beaches in Bahamas where you can swim with the pigs. But the Pig Beach is the most famous one. The blue waters and the pigs playing together make such a wonderful sight to delve into! This place is so full of wonders that you will never be able to have enough of it. The pigs love human company. They love when people visiting that place feeds them.


The answer is simple. You choose us because we provide the best. We have a team which is extremely dedicated to making your experience a good one. YOU are what matters to us the most! To fill your holidays with fun filled activities around the swimming pigs, our package has the best deal to offer you. So, it makes sense. Book your public half day swimming pigs and sightseeing tours in Comfort Venture Tours and enjoy the day. We shall guide you through everything. Also, there are customized packages available at your service. Let us know what changes we need and how we can make your day a better one. Our team will start focusing on that.

As we say, we follow all the guidelines that are directed by the Government of Bahamas in regards to the pandemic of Covid 19. Your safety is our utmost priority. Most importantly, in case you have any confusion regarding any of the packages or the tour or the company, you are welcome to drop your queries. Our team will clear your doubts. During the tour too, our team remains super active in resolving issues in case anything comes up.

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