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Exuma, The Bahamas

The seas of the Exuma Islands have been described by astronauts orbiting earth as the most beautiful waters on the planet. Comprising 365 islands, one for each day of the year, a visit to the Exumas is an invitation to hop on a boat and experience the thrill of the sea and its surroundings at their pristine best. The Exumas are famous for their sapphire-blue waters, which are so beautiful that their brilliant colors can be seen from space. This island chain features secluded footprint-free beaches, deserted cays, and ultra-exclusive resorts. Nature outnumbers man here, coastlines are immaculate, and private islands are home to some of the world’s most famous celebrities— among them are a slew of four-legged local celebrities. Don’t you think the blue waters of Exumas are calling you? Comfort Venture Tours makes it easier for you.  Get connected to us as we are waiting over here to welcome our lovely customer that is YOU. We can give you a tour of the Exuma Islands in a very affordable package. Awaken the travel spirit and do it right away.

Crystal Clear Waters

360 islands make up the Bahamas and each and every one of them is surrounded by crystal clear and almost impossibly blue water. It looks like the ocean was filled with bottled water. Dive the gin-clear depths, however, and you'll find a world teeming with marine life. The world underwater is probably the prettiest thing one can ever imagine of. It restores the exhausted soul and helps in finding solace. The crystal-clear waters of the Exumas are ideal for kayaking, kite boarding, sailing, and fishing, among other water sports. The place is such that you are sure to have the loveliest time during the travel. To add more, venture tours and travels will add glitter to your stay in the islands. It is said that the heart wants what it wants. When you desperately need a soul-stirring vacation, just pack up your bags and leave.

Swim with Pigs

Meet Exuma's Adorable and Famous Swimming Pigs This is one experience you must not miss while in town. Do you want to know how the pigs got to Pig Beach? We don't know for certain. Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island, and the pigs are not indigenous to the island. Some claim they were abandoned by a group of sailors who intended to return and cook them. The stories are many and no one is certain about the right one. But we are about one thing that these pigs have become one of the major attractions of this place. Or that the pigs swam over from a nearby shipwreck. Wherever they came from, about 20 pigs and piglets are now living the easy life, with daily visits from Bahamians and tourists. Nowhere else in the world offers travelers an encounter with an entire cay of pigs. Bring some tasty treats, these swimming pigs love putting on a show for visitors bearing gifts. Comfort Venture Tours cares for the traveler in you that craves for these experiences. We have exciting offers for Bahamas Tours and Excursions at hand for you. For us, customer satisfaction counts the most and we will try every bit possible to make your experience with us a worth remembering one. You do not have to believe us blindly. Check the experiences our clients have shared for reference and decide for yourself.

Swim with Sharks

The sight of sharks circling fluidly beneath the dock captures your attention. They swim up on the dock at high tide, as if to soak up the rays. While it might seem terrifying to swim with sharks, these are actually quite harmless. Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom feeders who prefer fish, shrimp, and squid. The sharks have a brownish appearance and a tail fin that can grow to be one-fourth the size of their overall size. They are also smooth to the touch, which is a distinguishing feature. Run your hands over their skin, or dive in and swim alongside them. These gentle sharks are delighted to welcome visitors to their little slice of paradise. To enjoy it, all you need to do is get connected to us. We have a wonderful team, which is completely focused on enhancing the experiences of our customers. Throughout the tour, you may opt for a guide whom you can bombard with your questions during the travel. Safety measures are taken care of well too during the water sports. We offer you a detailed plan to enjoy each and every place that is worth seeing in Public Swimming with Sharks Tour. Take a look at the packages we have in our bag and decide accordingly. In case any confusion arises regarding the package description, you can always chat with us to clear out all the confusions. Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love to meet and greet the crowd and make friends with new people? Well, for that too, we have the arrangements of an open seating tour. A tour for an entire day or a half day- we have anything that you want to plan. We have an experience of twelve years of providing people wonderful experiences and we shall continue to do so. We provide tours around the beach and its different elements for you to delight in. Our company has built a reputation which we always try to live up to. We dedicate ourselves to provide you a hassle free process of booking and planning trips. When you are all set to find your ‘blue mind’, make a visit to the beaches.

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Exuma Tour Packages

Wherever your Exuma beach tour may take you or what it may involve, you are sure to have some great fun splashing around in the famous waters of the Caribbean Sea. Remember to bring your swimsuit, sunblock and a desire to have lots of fun

Private Tour - Full Day

Great for company getaways and large family vacations. Enjoy 8hrs visiting unique sites with your own private tour guide. 

Private Tour - Half Day

If our full day tour is too much for you book our half day tour. Enjoy 4hrs of unique sites and experiences during this tour


Open Seating Tour - Full Day

Joined one of our scheduled tours. Spend 8 hrs visiting and experiencing the major sites around the Exuma Cays

Open Seating Tour - Half Day

Joined one of our scheduled tours. Spend 4 hrs visiting and experiencing the major sites around the Exuma Cays

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